A Love Letter from the team

We are Henry & Charlotte from Atelier Turquoise, 
an interior label for the bold, creating worlds full of colour and richness.
We are a close family of quality focused interior decorators with an open mind towards to the future.
Our interiors are reminiscent of long journeys to faraway countries. Think of bold colors, patinated walls, exotic prints, rich tissues and ethical objects with a story.
With Atelier Turquoise, the aim is to create curated, limited collections of quality design objects. Our partners are selected for their eye for quality and likeminded vision. 

Interior projects upon request, please contact us for further information.

How it started

I am Kristien De Ridder, welcome to my colorful universe!

Two years ago I started a ceramic line with my oldest daughter Charlotte, Atelier Turquoise was born.  Charlotte was primarily responsible for the branding and communication of the brand.

Many described my ceramics as free, spontaneous and unique.


In this freedom the idea grew to make creations that connect different textures such as ceramics, paint and wood.

Connection is one of the basic needs of people, hence the reflection in my designs.


Playing with the extremes I therefore attach great importance to uniqueness and connection, as well as the infinite number of color combinations.

I love to share these works with a lot of love for the world.

Love, Kristien

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